5.31.2016 -

Going Back To the Engagement Drawing Board

Community engagement is one of the bedrock principles of comprehensive community development. We talked to renowned community development expert and Institute fellow Jim Capraro about how to get engagement on track.

2.25.2016 -

Community Meeting How-To's (and How-Not-To's)

This CityLab blog entry gives organizers some tips and tricks for getting the most out of community meetings.

1.12.2014 -

Jim Capraro's One-on-one Engagement Interviews

The steps to follow in one-on-one engagement interviews in the comprehensive community development process.

1.12.2014 -

"Neighboring Toolkit: A Guide to Implementing Neighboring and Its Asset-Based Community Development Principles"

This toolkit, produced by the Points of Light Institute, provides a broad range of tools and links to resources for organizations seeking to bring “neighboring” into a community and integrate it into existing programming.

11.04.2013 -

Community Safety: Engaging

Building a comprehensive community initiative typically involves a process that includes key activities—engaging with residents, creating a plan, implementing that blueprint for change, communicating with residents and other stakeholders, leading a coalition of partners, and evaluating the results. This series of articles by the Institute is designed to help any group involved with LISC’s Building Sustainable Communities or a similar comprehensive initiative to think about how to approach public safety for each of those key activities.