Place Matters 10 Year Retrospective: redefining place-based community development in Cincinnati

This 10-year retrospective reflects on how far Place Matters communities have come, expands on the neighborhood context and highlights the communities’work. It includes details on the initiative and how is has matured over time as well as lessons learned that could inform those working in other communities to advance place-based strategies.

"Building Sustainable Communities: Moving from Quality-of-Life Planning to Implementation"

Using LISC Indianapolis as a test bed, this report explores what it takes to implement a quality-of-life plan. The authors outline when and why implementation of specific goals and strategies occurred in two Great Indy Neighborhoods Initiatives

"The Coffelt Case: A Case Study of the Coffelt-Lamoreaux Public Housing Redevelopment HIA"

This study details the Health Impact Assessment (HIA) carried out for the redevelopment the 296 units Coffelt-Lamoreaux Public Housing site and surrounding area in Phoenix.

"Creating Connected Communities: A Guidebook for Improving Transportation Connections for Low- and Moderate-Income Households in Small and Mid-Sized Cities"

This guidebook, from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, is for medium- to small-sized cities and provides ways to improve the transportation choices available for low- and moderate-income households.

"Creating Equitable, Healthy and Sustainable Communities"

This publication by the EPA highlights how to integrate environmental justice, smart growth and equitable development approaches to create more inclusive and sustainable communities.