Place Matters 10 Year Retrospective: redefining place-based community development in Cincinnati

This 10-year retrospective reflects on how far Place Matters communities have come, expands on the neighborhood context and highlights the communities’work. It includes details on the initiative and how is has matured over time as well as lessons learned that could inform those working in other communities to advance place-based strategies.

Community Change: Lessons from Making Connections

This Annie E. Casey report gives an overview of the Making Connections program’s history and impact—including statistics on two key program goals, increasing earnings and income, and preparing children for school.

Reflections on Community Organizing and Resident Engagement in the Rebuilding Communities Initiative

This piece by The Annie E. Casey Foundation focuses on understanding the role and practice of community organizing and resident engagement in the context of a comprehensive community change initiative.

"Defining Community Capacity: A Framework and Implications from a Comprehensive Community Initiative"

This research paper by Robert J. Chaskin analyzes the practice of building community capacity, which can come from many different neighborhood sources, and how to use that concept as a way to measure progress.