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Borrowing from LISC


Are you a current borrower or thinking that you may need financing at some point in the future? This webinar shares everything you always wanted to know about borrowing from LISC.

This webinar includes overviews of:

  • LISC Lending
  • LISC Underwriting Guidelines & Project Diligence
  • LISC Monitoring & Asset Management

Webinar Recording

Download the Borrowing from LISC presentation and the webinar’s Questions and Answers

Download the Borrowing from LISC Application Checklist


Moderated by:  Norman Trepner, Senior Program Officer, LISC National Lending

LISC Lending Panelists:  

  • Connie Max, Senior Vice President, LISC National Lending
  • Malini Nayar, Vice President and Chief Credit Officer, LISC National Lending
  • Alex Dawson, Program Officer, Los Angeles
  • Noam Hurvitz-Prinz, Program Officer, LISC National Lending