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CHAM Webinar: Stress Testing Your Portfolio: Asset Managers Coping with COVID-19


In this webinar CHAM presents leading syndicators and owners of mission based affordable housing who demonstrate sensitivity analyses to create portfolio scenarios to help manage the crisis.

During the COVID-19 crisis, asset managers of mission oriented affordable housing are needed now more than ever.  We have seen how data analysis is critical to crisis management.  Our field is uniquely positioned to provide the leadership and expertise needed to protect out national's affordable housing resources.

This webinar is essential for asset managers and CFOs responsible for mission oriented affordable multifamily housing portfolios and professionals who support the industry.  This includes nonprofit and for-profit owners, PHAs, syndicators, investors, lenders and government. 

Webinar recording

Note:  During  webinar it was stated  that non-profits are  not eligible  for Paycheck Protection Program  [PPP] loans from SBA . While  in general  SBA  products  are directed to for-profits,  the PPP  programs  IS  available to nonprofits.


Download the presentation deck

You can use this Portfolio Sensitivity Analysis template to conduct your own stress test. Thanks to Dena Xifaras from Preservation of Affordable Housing for sharing this tool with the asset management community.


  • Dena Xifaras, POAH
  • Katherine Fleming, Bridge Housing
  • Peter Lawrence, Novogradac
  • Ryan Robinson, Cinnaire
  • Toni DeBlasi, Ohio Capital
  • Valerie Schwartzmann, Homeport


  • Harold Nassau, NeighborWorks America and CHAM