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Food Systems & Development Finance

The Council of Development Finance Agencies (CDFA) is producing a 6-part white paper series in 2019 examining how traditional development finance tools like bonds, lending and credit enhancements can be used in relationship to the food system.  

The first report, Food Systems & Development Finance, explores how the food system can become a distinct asset class for investors, which would allow for the establishment of reliable and consistent financing streams for food-related projects. The authors argue that such a shift will require investors to view distinct components of the U.S. food system – like agriculture, industry and entrepreneurship – as related activities within a single sector. The authors then look at how local and state development finance agencies can channel traditional development financing tools to investments in the food system that bring public benefit. The report includes brief case studies of investments in food system projects such as farmer loan programs, support for food-related entrepreneurs, investments in brick-and-mortar food businesses and Healthy Food Financing Initiative projects. 

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