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LISC Institute Webinar: Commercial District Recovery Guide


Historically underinvested communities across urban and rural America are facing enormous economic challenges from the fallout of COVID-19. Small businesses, many who have had to shut down temporarily, are at serious risk of closing permanently. These enterprises are the lifeblood of communities, providing critical goods and services as well as jobs to locals. To ensure that economic recovery is inclusive in the COVID-19 era, LISC, in partnership with Streetsense, created the Commercial District Recovery Guide. The Guide is a resource designed to provide place-based organizations and intermediary partners focused on community economic development with a curated roadmap for action to support COVID-19 recovery efforts in downtowns and commercial districts as stay-at home orders lift across the nation.

This webinar, will offer participants an introduction to the Commercial District Recovery Guide, dive deeper into tips and recommendations outlined in the guide – by phase of emergency management, including tactical strategies on how to effectively communicate re-opening of districts, adapt public realm for social distancing, and how to conduct comprehensive assessment of impact to make the case for funding and resources.


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