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LISC transit-oriented development connects people to place

Transit-oriented development (TOD) not only fulfills a community's basic need for efficient, affordable mass transit, but done successfully, it also attracts businesses and jobs, maximizes existing infrastructure, and capitalizes on new investments to make neighborhoods more vibrant. This newly published report showcases results from LISC's investments in TOD made across the country. LISC works on TOD "the same way it does everything else, with a comprehensive view of healthy communities" to "make TOD pay off--both for residents and neighborhoods."

The excerpt below is from:
"Our Investments in Transit-Oriented Development"

Our Investments in Transit-Oriented Development

Sometimes the value of economic development isn’t just in what’s being built; it’s about how and where. People need to be able to get from home to work, school, shopping and other services efficiently and affordably. And low-income communities in particular need smart plans that revive their economic prospects without pushing long-time residents out of the neighborhood.

Transit-oriented development (TOD) accomplishes both. On its face, the concept is simple: we can build near subway, rail and bus lines to better connect people and places to each other. TOD attracts businesses and jobs, maximizes existing infrastructure and capitalizes on new investments. It makes communities of all economic strata more vibrant.

LISC has been working on TOD the same way we do everything else— with a comprehensive view of healthy communities that taps the creativity of people in the neighborhood. We bring together public and private partners to listen, plan, fund, build and educate communities about how to make TOD pay off—both for residents and neighborhoods.

Over the last few years, LISC has invested $222 million in efforts like these. The projects are as varied as the places where they are built. But they share the groundwork laid by LISC’s three decades of work in communities. It’s all part of our clear focus on helping people build safer, healthier, more prosperous futures. Continued[+]...