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Organizing for Business Districts: LISC, LISC Jacksonville, Joel Bookman, Jim Capraro, Rail Yard Business Council

In this webinar, participants will learn how LISC Jacksonville successfully identified the immense hidden economic power of a forgotten industrial area and created an organized industrial district within that area yielding community benefits.Three years ago, LISC Jacksonville begin exploring the possibility of connecting an old industrial district with the low income New Town community. Today, the Beaver Street area is organized into the Rail Yard Business Council, representing over 350 businesses, and recognized as an economic engine for New Town and the entire Jacksonville region.

Learn how it happened, lessons from the work, and how you can apply those lessons to your community.


  • Elizabeth Demetriou, LISC National, Economic Development
  • Joel Bookman, Bookman Associates, Inc
  • James Coggin, Program Officer, LISC Jacksonville
  • Jim Capraro, Capraro Consulting
  • Janet Owens, Executive Director, LISC Jacksonville

To learn more about the Rail Yard District see The RailYard District: 'Invisible' neighborhood seeks revivalCouncilman: Rail Yard District 'next happening place in Jacksonville and Let's embrace the great potential of our Rail Yard District. You can also see a video of the district here.