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Nurturing Local Leadership Is at the Heart of What We Do

This is AmeriCorps week, a national celebration of community service and the extraordinary program that nurtures local talent and fuels transformation. LISC AmeriCorps is at the heart of our $1 billion in grants to community-based organizations, and of our commitment to building impassioned local—and national—leadership to show the way.

Serving Freedom

In honor of Independence Day, LISC's AmeriCorps director, Stacey Rapp, considers the role that national service plays in making our ideal of freedom a reality for all Americans. 

What Will It Take to Turn the Tide for Flint?

As the Flint water crisis drags on, a LISC AmeriCorps staffer and Flint native reflects on the importance of cultivating effective, grassroots leaders to guide the city back to health and stability.

Get started with AmeriCorps

What was thought to be a short term job with AmeriCorps right out of school turned into a career helping communities in Michigan flourish. As AmeriCorps celebrates its 20th year, Tahirih Ziegler, executive director of Detroit LISC and one of the first AmeriCorps members, reflects on how that experience influenced her career, which now involves helping in Detroit's recovery.