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Closing the Racial Opportunity Gap is Within America’s Grasp. So Let’s Do It.

For the nation to be competitive, we must pursue economic justice and close the racial wealth gap, write LISC CEO Maurice A. Jones and board chair Robert E. Rubin in an op-ed for The Hill. They lay out concrete bipartisan steps that government can take today to lift millions of Americans out of poverty and promote an equitable economic recovery.

5.26.2020 -

Five Questions with Jeanne Cola

Jeanne Cola, executive director of LISC Rhode Island, offers a succinct primer on what LISC is doing, and will do, to help communities survive the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. "Community is an interwoven tapestry of workforce development, education, health and housing," says Cola in a Q&A with Providence Business Network. The challenge, she explains, is to shore up the capital and political will to keep all those strands, especially housing, in tact, and make them stronger.

Housing Is Healthcare

In an op-ed for the Providence Journal, LISC Rhode Island executive director Jeanne Cola lays out the imperative of ramping up funding for affordable housing in the wake of Covid-19 and tackling the systemic problems that created the affordability crisis in the first place. The pandemic's economic fallout is leaving more people than ever vulnerable to homelessness, and the time to prevent more housing instability is now.

5.08.2020 -

Affordable Housing Is a Key to the Comeback from Covid-19

An article in Affordable Housing Finance quotes LISC EVP Denise Scott and affordable housing director Callahan Seltzer on the crucial place of affordable housing in a strategy to pull the country back from the economic brink. Affordable housing has always served the most vulnerable residents, notes Scott, and the current job losses put more families at risk of homelessness than ever before. We need to use all the tools in the affordable housing toolbox to help prevent a greater housing crisis than the one that predated the pandemic, they argue.  

The Imperative of Housing for Covid-19 Recovery

In an op-ed for Philadelphia's local PBS and NPR affiliate, LISC Philly executive director Andrew Frishkoff and housing program officer Carolyn Placke stress the importance of keeping people housed, and shoring up the groups that develop and manage affordable housing, in the Covid-19 era. Government at all levels, together with CDFIs, they argue, must activate emergency rental assistance and financial and capacity support for affordable housing managers in order to protect vulnerable residents and facilitate economy recovery.