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5.26.2020 -

Five Questions with Jeanne Cola

Jeanne Cola, executive director of LISC Rhode Island, offers a succinct primer on what LISC is doing, and will do, to help communities survive the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. "Community is an interwoven tapestry of workforce development, education, health and housing," says Cola in a Q&A with Providence Business Network. The challenge, she explains, is to shore up the capital and political will to keep all those strands, especially housing, in tact, and make them stronger.

5.08.2020 -

Affordable Housing Is a Key to the Comeback from Covid-19

An article in Affordable Housing Finance quotes LISC EVP Denise Scott and affordable housing director Callahan Seltzer on the crucial place of affordable housing in a strategy to pull the country back from the economic brink. Affordable housing has always served the most vulnerable residents, notes Scott, and the current job losses put more families at risk of homelessness than ever before. We need to use all the tools in the affordable housing toolbox to help prevent a greater housing crisis than the one that predated the pandemic, they argue.  

SSIR: How Nonprofits Can Stay Relevant in the Age of Covid-19

An article in the Stanford Social Innovation Review lays out what nonprofits must do to ramp up their social impact, economic viability and capacity to bring about positive change in the wake of the pandemic. Compassionate leadership, says LISC CEO Maurice A. Jones in the piece, is the overarching approach that can make all the difference in how nonprofits function during and after the crisis.

4.17.2020 -

LISC Board Chair in the NYT: This Is What It Will Take to Save the Economy

In an op-ed for the New York Times, former U.S. Treasury secretary and LISC board chair Robert E. Rubin urges swift and intensive action to stimulate the economy, with special emphasis on extending credit to minority- and women-owned businesses in underinvested communities, the very ones most imperiled by the Covid-19 crisis. 

LISC’s Covid-19 Response, Explained On Air

In a conversation with The Business of Giving podcast, LISC CEO Maurice A. Jones outlines the pillars of LISC's rapid response to the coronavirus pandemic. Keeping small businesses in business, supporting tech needs in underinvested communities and stabilizing community organizations so they can provide relief to their clients—all are at the top of the list for immediate action, and to build strength and resiliency for the future.