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P&G and Secret Join Forces with LISC to fight Inequality and Support Small Business

An exciting new $1.2 million partnership with P&G and its Secret Deodorant brand will bring much-needed relief and resiliency-building support to targeted women- and minority-owned small businesses in the places hardest hit by the coronavirus and its economic fallout.

LISC is pleased to announce a critical new partnership with Procter & Gamble and their Secret Deodorant brand to support small businesses reeling from the financial fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic. P&G and Secret have awarded $1.2 million to LISC to provide critical relief and resiliency-building support to enterprises in the underinvested places hardest hit by the virus and the shutdown to stem its spread.

The partnership will prioritize the needs of women- and minority-owned beauty salons and barbershops, childcare centers, and other family-owned ventures, with the Secret’s contribution specifically assisting Black female entrepreneurs.

These enterprises are integral to community life, as gathering places, job creators and the sparks in local economies.

These enterprises are integral to community life, as gathering places, job creators and the sparks in local economies. In some neighborhoods, they may be one of the few women- or minority-owned businesses. The partnership will bring short- and long-term resources to business owners, including relief grants of up to $10,000 for some 100 businesses, to help meet payroll, pay rent and address other immediate operational needs, and helping to retain upwards of 325 jobs.

“The need for this kind of relief is overwhelming,” said LISC President and CEO Maurice A. Jones. “Small businesses require capital, right now, if they are to continue to provide vital goods and services to their customers and help drive long-term recovery and growth. We are grateful to P&G and Secret for stepping up to help.”

In six of the nation’s hardest hit cities and regions, including the Bay Area, Atlanta and New York City, small businesses will also receive technical assistance from LISC to navigate the complex web of public and private resources available for recovery. This assistance is intended to turn short-term relief into long-term recovery and resiliency for an estimated 450 businesses.

The P&G-LISC partnership was highlighted in a video that premiered during Global Goal: Unite For Our Future, a campaign, summit and concert calling on world leaders and all citizens to end Covid-19 and build equity for all.  The daylong event, streamed online, celebrated commitment made by our collective action to take on the urgent crisis we all face. 

Watch the Summit and Concert here.

To learn more about the LISC-Procter & Gamble/Secret partnership, click here.