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Home Preservation Initiative

Home Preservation Initiative (HPI) is a collective home repair model in the federally designated Promise Zone of West Philadelphia. Now in its fifth year, HPI preserves wealth, improves residents’ health and strengthens neighborhoods.

As the convener, LISC brings together community development corporations, home repair providers, academic and health institutions to coordinate services and engage lower-income home owners in the repair process. Through this cross-sector collaborative HPI is advancing best practices, combating the effects of displacement, and proactively supporting housing as a social determinant of health. 

Why Home Repair Is Needed
Philadelphia’s housing stock is among the oldest in the nation; 41% of all homes were built before 1939. The majority of these homes are in lower-income neighborhoods, where many homeowners spend up to half their income on housing. This means families are forced to choose between paying for necessities –food, clothing, utilities, and healthcare–and maintaining their home.

Oftentimes, when families defer necessary home repairs, more critical and expensive problems develop over time, and may even cause families to abandon their homes, leaving properties contributing to neighborhood instability. By repairing owner occupied homes, HPI preserves wealth, combats blight, and strengthens underinvested communities. 

Collaborative Service Delivery Model & LISC as the Convener
As a trusted community development organization, LISC supports and leverages the skills and proficiencies of our HPI partners. Collectively, we make inclusive investments where inequity is greatest; addressing income inequality, and improving housing stability-a leading social determinant of health. Together, HPI coordinates services to engage homeowners in the home repair process and connect them to resources to lead healthier lives in West Philadelphia. HPI's effectiveness and impact is made greater through shared resources and expertise. 

Community Partners:

  • Mount Vernon Manor CDC (MVM) assists with outreach and intake for HPI. MVM is a Mantua-based CDC and a Neighborhood Advisory Committee (NAC), funded by the City to engage and educate residents about home repairs and related issues.
  • People’s Emergency Center CDC (PEC) assists with outreach, intake, and community engagement portions of project planning. 

Repair Partners:

  • Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia (HFHP) is a city-wide non-profit and is one of the primary HPI repair providers. HFHP has been working in West Philadelphia since 2012 to provide repairs for approximately 25 homeowners each year with the help of volunteers and engaged community members.
  • Rebuilding Together Philadelphia (RTP) is a city-wide non-profit and is another primary repair provider. Since 2012, RTP has been working with LISC and volunteers to provide free home repairs for 20 area homeowners per year.

Academic and Health Institutions:

Other Supporting Partners:

The Home Preservation Initiative is made possible in part through the generous support of:

PA Housing Affordability Fund: Pennsylvania Housing Affordability and Rehabilitation Enhancement Fund (PHARE)

The Kingcroft Charitable Trust Fund & the William J McCahan 3rd Fund through Philadelphia Foundation