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Commercial Corridors

LISC’s commercial corridor program enhances the capacities of CDCs to revitalize key commercial corridors throughout the SCI West, Eastern North, Kensington, and Fairhill neighborhoods. These corridors function as community hubs and centers of commerce, providing amenities to neighborhood residents and niche, specialty goods and services not available elsewhere. Our corridor work helps community partners attract investment, businesses and jobs to neighborhood commercial corridors across Philadelphia, LISC is a leader in growing diverse neighborhood economies.

We support programs and invest in projects that cultivate entrepreneurship, attract new businesses, diversify the local retail mix, and stimulate employment. It's the kind of development that grows local job opportunities and incomes, and brings goods and services to places where they are needed.

We deploy a number of strategies to help build thriving commercial districts across the City of Philadelphia through:

  • Building the capacity of community partners to implement their corridor revitalization plans
  • Helping businesses get support and connect them with qualified workers
  • Training business leaders, police officers and residents to work together to create welcoming & safe environments
  • Providing technical assistance and financing to replace blight and vacancy with mixed-use and commercial developments 
  • Helping to grow small and advanced manufacturing businesses and create quality, living wage jobs for residents

LISC has invested most recently in the following commercial districts:

Stories about Commercial Corridors

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