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The Beauty of Small Business-Providing Light under Any Circumstance

In the middle of a global pandemic and nationwide protests, owner Blew Kind’s vision for how a coffee shop can transcend food and beverage is ahead of its time. With a $10,000 grant from the LISC Rapid Relief & Resiliency Fund Franny Lou's Porch continues to shine light in Kensington.

Heartbroken; but our spirit and commitment to justice remains unbroken

Across the nation, and here at home in Philly, the events of the past weeks have been devastating. The brutal and senseless murder of George Floyd, following the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor; the righteous anger over police practices and systemic racism that led to their deaths, and many who preceded them; the charged confrontations ...

Testimony Regarding Proposed Annual Action Plan (City Fiscal Year 2021/HUD Program Year 2020)

We bear witness to the devastation of anger-fueled theft and fire on our commercial corridors and the perhaps irreparable harm done to businesses owned by African-Americans, other people of color, immigrants and other local entrepreneurs who had invested their hearts and souls into their businesses. Let us call out by name the underlying causes of ...