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When Philadelphia was an industrial hub—known as the “Workshop of the World”—Kensington was the workshop center. As Philadelphia’s industrial prominence waned, decades of disinvestment changed the landscape and vacant lots and buildings disrupt residential blocks and commercial corridors. Despite many challenges, including high poverty, under-employment and large illegal drug markets, hardworking families attempt to maintain a reasonable quality of life.

Kensington is confronted with the intimidating problems that face many neighborhoods, but it is also a resilient community full of possibility, where residents are rolling up their sleeves to overcome the challenges that impact their lives and neighborhood.  

SCI Kensington

In partnership with NKCDC and Impact Services, LISC selected the Kensington neighborhood as the third Sustainable Communities Initiative (SCI) in 2016. SCI Kensington builds on each partners’ Wells Fargo Regional Foundation-funded comprehensive neighborhood plan: NKCDC’s North of Lehigh Revitalization Plan and Impact Services’ Heart of Kensington Plan. By working in collaboration with LISC, Impact Services and NKCDC can increase their collective impact as they serve one of the most disinvested, impoverished neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

Kensington Lending Partnership 

The Kensington Lending Partnership is a collaboration of four Community Development Financial Institutions, nonprofit organizations dedicated to providing responsible, accessible lending in developing neighborhoods. The partnership collaborates as investors, supporters, and neighbors to revitalize the Kensington Avenue corridor and surrounding community. Our goal is to increase small business support, entrepreneurship, mixed-use development, and affordable housing. We work together to ensure that community members have access to resources and services that are often lacking in Kensington.

This partnership is made possible through the generous support of JPMorgan Chase Foundation.