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We are working to bridge the economic divide by advocating for a stronger and more connected future for small towns everywhere.

TestIT helps us identify areas with little or no internet connectivity and contributes to the movement to increase access across the nation. Follow these steps to join the movement!

1. Download the app on your phone

2. Open TestIT and click “Test Speed Here”

3. That’s it! The app does the rest.

Thank you for helping us track broadband access throughout rural America so we can better inform Congress about the needs of your community.

Why do we need TestIT?

Rural LISC has partnered with the National Association of Counties (NACo), the Rural Community Assistance Partnership (RCAP), the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) and Farm Credit to address the critical need for high-speed internet for rural communities across the country.

Outdated broadband mapping techniques limit Congress’ ability to accurately identify & allocate broadband resources across America

Currently, data indicating broadband availability and speed is reported twice a year by Internet Service Providers. However, there is no mechanism to verify the accuracy of the data, and anecdotal evidence suggests an entire ZIP code is oftentimes marked as “served” with broadband if just one home in the census block has coverage. Outdated broadband mapping techniques limit Congress’ ability to accurately identify and allocate broadband resources across much of America.

In response, the partners developed a mobile app that harnesses grassroots advocacy by empowering individual users to accurately identify areas with low or no internet connectivity. The data is aggregated to identify gaps in broadband coverage. This information helps guide advocacy for adequate funding and inform decision-making at federal, state and local levels.