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What We Do

Every neighborhood is a unique tapestry—a complex system of interconnected, moving parts. That is precisely why no single solution can ever hope to address all of a struggling neighborhood’s needs. Disinvested places must be revived on multiple fronts. LISC helps residents and local organizations do just that.

We invest in overlapping program areas that reach into every corner of community life. Our approach is comprehensive, effective and—most important—rooted in what neighbors want for themselves, their families and the places they call home.

Affordable Housing

A safe, affordable home is one of the basic requisites of life—a key to individual health and well-being, and the foundation for sustainable, economically vibrant and diverse neighborhoods.

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Economic Development

LISC helps to create, stabilize, and expand small businesses and implement creative corridor revitalization initiatives in underserved neighborhoods by providing grants and technical support to community development organizations. We’re committed to empowering entrepreneurs in communities of color who’ve been overlooked by traditional financing channels and supporting them as they turn their visions into reality.

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Talent Development

We connect low-income residents to living wage jobs by developing career pathways in the region’s key growth sectors. Learn more about our Financial Opportunity Centers and Bridges to Career Opportunities model here

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