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Our Model

Comprehensive Community Development

Comprehensive Community Development is our strategy—a holistic approach that uses deep and abiding citizen engagement to address a spectrum of interconnected needs. Residents and leaders envision a better future; create a definitive plan to accomplish that vision; and recruit local agencies, organizations and institutions into a collaborative partnership that integrates programs and services to improve the quality of life within the community.  

LISC Toledo knows that healthy communities are places that offer the resources and opportunities for residents to engage in building safe and healthy neighborhoods, learn, grow, build assets, and take part in the mainstream economy. As a strategy, Comprehensive Community Development is designed to help change the trajectory of disadvantaged neighborhoods. We do this together with our partners by investing in affordable housing, economic development, health, and financial stability in select neighborhoods.  

How We Do It

We bring key local stakeholders together to find common ground and create a vision for their communities. We then help marshal the resources necessary to make that vision a reality.

LISC Toledo utilizes the Comprehensive Community Development Strategy to:

Our Impact

Since we launched the Comprehensive Community Development strategy, we have:

  • Invested $121 Million in developing 1,750 homes and 763,000 square feet of commercial space-all located in Toledo's most distressed neighnorhoods.
  • In 2016 alone, we invested in 101,183 commercial square footage
  • Our investments helped induce $20.1 million in purchases from small businesses