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Covid-19 Resources

Developer & Real Estate Resources

Links below provided by Urban Land Institute, addressing Public Health and Real Estate. We will be updating this list as other resources become available. 

Design, Real Estate, and COVID-19

Architect Magazine: How Architecture Firms are Responding to COVID-19

Architectural Digest: How the COVID-19 Pandemic Will Change the Built Environment

ASHRAE: COVID-19 Preparedness Resources

CityLab: Pandemics Are Also an Urban Planning Problem

Curbed: Design in the age of pandemics

BOMA Canada: Coronavirus Resources

Center for Active Design: 5 Ways to Optimize Buildings for COVID-19 Prevention

Financial Times: How Healthy Buildings Can Help Us Fight Coronavirus

Multi-Housing News: What Property Managers Should Be Doing Right Now

New York Times: Your Building Can Make You Sick or Keep You Well

Urban Land Magazine: Confronting COVID-19: Social Distancing, Buildings, and Lessons from Asia

Forbes:Short & Long Term Thinking about Covid-19 and Real Estate


What Landlords Need to Know

National Law Review: Coronavirus Challenges Commercial Landlords

Landlord Prep from Avail: What Landlords & Building Owners Need to Know