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Our Focus

Housing Support

Housing is where LISC started. And it’s still the cornerstone of our mission, even as our vision has expanded to incorporate strategies to improve education, health, safety, and economic growth in the places where we work. LISC helps make quality, affordable housing available to low-income and vulnerable residents—from seniors to veterans to the formerly homeless—in underserved communities.

To make this all happen, LISC provides grants, loans and equity for nearly every aspect of development, from planning and acquisition to construction and renovation. We offer technical assistance, data, and mapping tools to community-based organizations working to improve the supply and condition of affordable housing in their neighborhoods. And we advocate for good housing policy at all levels of government.

We believe a safe, affordable home is one of the basic requisites of life—a key to individual health and well-being, and the foundation for sustainable, economically vibrant and diverse neighborhoods, throughout our communities.


We are now hiring for a Housing Support Program Officer! If you have a passion for affordable housing initiatives, and are interested in being a part of our team, view our Work Opportunities page.