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Our Focus

Neighborhood Business Support

We are here to support the work that our vibrant business communities have been leading for decades. We bring business organizations together to learn from each other, build deeper partnerships, and knit a fabric of resilience and opportunity for our neighborhood businesses.

In Western New York, we are dedicated to cultivating a sense of place throughout our neighborhoods. We bring together leaders managing commercial districts, small manufacturing institutions, creative economies, artisans and makers, and anchor institutions to help support economic development strategies in neighborhoods.

LISC believes in supporting the distinct cultures that make our neighborhoods what they are. We encourage the recognition of local artists and musicians in building a place, using placemaking as an economic development strategy. We support more sustainable mobility options, like walkability and transit-friendly streets. We support workforce development, and coaching options to connect workers to opportunities in their own neighborhoods. And we support Historic Preservation, where preserving the unique building assets of a district funnel more character into the place, and more money into the hands of working craftsman and artisans, over the purchasing of raw materials. 

LISC WNY provides support to our commercial district leaders, in highlighting the strengths of our neighborhoods.


Saira Siddiqui, Communications & Neighborhood Business Support