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Our Impact

Our Impact

Since our local office opened its doors in 1998, LISC has invested $131 million in funding and resources in communities throughout Buffalo, leveraging an additional $254 million in funding. In 2016 alone, LISC invested $35 million in Buffalo’s neighborhoods, leveraging an additional $60 million in funding and resources.

In Buffalo, LISC has invested
$131 million
leveraging an additional
$254 million
in funding

This leveraging power creates greater visible change in our neighborhoods. It funds the construction of safe, affordable homes for residents. It revitalizes commercial corridors by funding streetscape improvement projects and providing grants to help small business owners renovate their storefronts. It helps build community gardens, greenhouses and community food centers that will provide access to better nutrition and food-based entrepreneurship opportunities. And it provides essential start-up and capacity building funds to the non-profit organizations who are working hard to revitalize our local neighborhoods.