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Why LISC is Here

We are committed to the neighborhood, its residents, businesses, and institutions

Buffalo LISC has been investing in Buffalo’s core urban neighborhoods for over 20 years. Our work on Buffalo’s East Side is grounded in our commitment to ensuring that all of Buffalo’s neighborhoods thrive. We see the collective Masten Park and Cold Spring neighborhoods as Buffalo’s next great neighborhood revival story with our guiding commitment to - first and foremost - invest in the neighborhoods’ existing residents, businesses and cultural institutions to make the neighborhood an excellent place to live, learn, work, and play.

Our recent journey in working in Masten Park and Cold Springs stems from the interest of our National LISC office, the City of Buffalo, national affordable housing developers and planning firms, and local and national financial institutions and philanthropy seeing the potential for development in the neighborhood – and also from hearing from residents, businesses, and neighborhood cultural institutions that they are ready for investment into their homes, their neighborhoods, their storefronts, their streets and sidewalks, and their community.

As a collective impact organization, Buffalo LISC seeks to hold the space for all voices to be heard and shared into a comprehensive community vision, one that can succeed, be held accountable by constituents, and be delivered with impactful results.

Our Partners

Since our initial community stakeholder meetings in August 2017, LISC has engaged with a number of core partners on this effort.

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Our Events

Our primary role in this process is acting as a convener, bringing members of the community together with our partners to gather history and ideas that will shape a larger plan for Masten Park. Learn more about our past events and information on upcoming events here.

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What We've Learned

Masten Park and Cold Spring neighborhoods are known for having a robust network of neighborhood block clubs, strong churches and religious institutions, and unique housing stock.

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