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With $131 million invested in Buffalo since 1998, LISC understands what it takes to change the outlook for low-income communities. Our comprehensive community development strategies are a proven, powerful form of economic stimulus for neighborhoods that can create new opportunities for residents.

LISC's vision is to build sustainable, resilient communties. So we work closely with our community development partners to tackle projects that will address the needs of the residents in their target neighborhoods. Our investments are backed with siginficant leveraging power, access to techinical assistance and resources, and community engagement. By working together, LISC and its partners can help create jobs and support small businesses, improve educational outcomes, build safe, affordable housing, and expand access to recreational facilities, fresh food and health services. Our initiatives create neighborhoods where residents can thrive.

Affordable Housing

An essential element of a resilient community is access to affordable housing – both rental and homeownership opportunities. 

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Economic Development

LISC collaborates with our community partners to make strategic plans and investments that will promote economic growth in neighborhoods where it is needed the most.

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Healthy Communities

One of the key components of LISC’s comprehensive strategy for revitalizing neighborhoods is ensuring they become healthy places to live.

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