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LISC’s role as a non-profit Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) is to provide capital to projects in low-income, disadvantaged and underserved communities at affordable rates. There are nearly 1,000 CDFIs in the country and we are one of the largest. We are profitable, but we are not profit-maximizing. We put community first.

We offer this capital to local nonprofit developers, small businesses and other service providers who may not be able to get credit in the conventional marketplace. Our loans have financed affordable housing, supermarkets, schools, health centers and other vital community projects. And we bring equity primarily mainly through our investment companies, to projects in housing, retail and commercial centers, small businesses and cultural districts.

If you're an investor who wants a proven model for doing well by doing good, you should contact LISC for opportunities.
— President Bill Clinton

S&P ‘AA’ Rating

LISC holds a ‘AA’ credit rating from Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings (S&P), with our financial stability, track record of performance and community impact cited as compelling indicators.

In 2016, LISC made the unusual move of seeking a credit rating—which is more closely associated with corporate and government bond issuers than nonprofits—as a way to demonstrate the value of investing in places typically labeled as too poor or too risky for the private market.

The offering was a first for the CDFI industry and the response indicated a growing interest among impact investors in community development. With decades of data to back it up, working with LISC is proving to be an efficient way for investors to achieve both their financial and social impact goals.

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S&P Reaffirms LISC ‘AA’ Rating

S&P pointed to LISC’s financial stability, track record of performance and community impact as compelling indicators for its ‘AA’ rating.

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