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Supportive public policies are critical to transforming distressed communities into vibrant places to live, work, do business and raise families. LISC recognizes the important role that the federal government plays in influencing cities, neighborhoods and communities. That's why our national policy team works with Congress and federal agencies to establish and safeguard funding sources, policies, programs and strategies that spur neighborhood revitalization in urban and rural communities throughout the country.

Our national policy team works with communities in 277 congressional districts, in 46 states, and in DC

Our approach to public policy is driven by the needs of the low-income neighborhoods where we work, and is informed by the insight of our partners on the ground. LISC and its partners utilize a wide array of federal programs that cut across several agencies and congressional committees.  

How we do it

  • Education: Elected officials and federal agency representatives are key to promoting LISC’s policy agenda. Our policy briefs explain the nuts and bolts of why certain federal programs are needed to keep communities strong and healthy. The national team works closely with the local LISC offices to educate members of Congress about work happening on the ground. 
  • Collaboration: By participating in coalitions of industry, business and community partners, we work with our colleague organizations to develop and advance policies that better serve low-income communities.
  • Advocacy: Alongside LISC’s local offices and Rural LISC members, the national team conduct advocacy campaigns to amplify our legislative testimonies and messages to Congress.