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There’s More to Transit-Oriented Development Than Meets the Eye

Resilient Communities, Resilient Families

For nearly 35 years, we've partnered with residents, community-based organizations, and city and state governments across Massachusetts to provide the resources, expertise, and connections necessary to build and sustain resilient communities and families. In that time, we've developed a unique, holistic strategy for facilitating neighborhood-led change and increasing equity.  We call it Resilient Communities, Resilient Families, or RCRF.

RCRF encompasses housing and jobs, financial security, safe and healthy neighborhoods, education, arts and recreation, and much more. The tools we employ vary depending on the needs and concerns of a given community, but the goal is always the same: to give residents a voice, and to help them shape their neighborhoods into places where they and their families can thrive.


From National LISC:
9.20.2017 -

Celebrating Latino Histories, Affirming Latino Futures

Ricardo Flores, director of LISC San Diego, kicks off our recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month with a blog about how working in partnership with Latino communities is key to the health of the country, and part of the fundamental relationship between local and national prosperity. "The conditions of the Latino population today provide us with a peek into the wellbeing of our society tomorrow and in the years to come," writes Flores.

9.19.2017 - ,

Train frequency pitched as way to boost Fairmount Line use

Dorchester Representative Evandro Carvalho introduced a bill to pilot rapid transit-level service on Boston's Fairmount commuter rail line. "This is the equity agenda that we always talk about and need to put into practice," said Allentza Michel, LISC Boston's Fairmount Indigo Network coordinator.

9.18.2017 - ,

To Go Full Steam Ahead, Transit-Oriented Development Must Be Inclusive

There’s burgeoning public support for mass transit all across the country. But to create livable neighborhoods along transit corridors that connect people with opportunity demands inclusive transit-oriented development. Our mandate, writes Maurice Jones, CEO of LISC, is to help ensure that everyone benefits from the prosperity coming down the line.