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Jeanne Cola

Making Rhode Island the place to be

By Jeanne Cola
Executive Director, RI LISC

Gov. Gina Raimondo has made jump-starting Rhode Island’s economy the central focus of her first year in office, with a jobs plan that will improve our workforce, foster innovation and make the state a better place to do business. Her plan also rightly recognizes the critical role that housing… More[+]

Bridget Palombo (left) and Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha (APM) Food Buying Club volunteers in the Eastern North neighborhood of Philadelphia

LISC AmeriCorps member Bridget Palombo (left) and Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha (APM) Food Buying Club volunteers - Philadelphia, PA

Welcome to the food buying club

In the Eastern North neighborhood of Philly, residents and community activists found a simple but powerful way to slash grocery bills and consume more fruits and vegetables at the same time. Together they formed a food buying club to purchase produce in bulk. The club, and the LISC AmeriCorps member who helped get it off the ground, have even won props from Washington. More[+]...

"Trust is the defining safety issue of our time"

Milwaukee Police Officer Kai Anderson talks with school children as part of the city's efforts to build safer, stronger communities

For three years, LISC has worked with the Department of Justice to nurture partnerships among law enforcement, residents and others to fight crime and disorder through the Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation program. A new injection of DOJ funding now expands the approach to 60 cities. Building trust between neighbors and police is at the crux of this work, and at a LISC-sponsored meeting, the Assistant Attorney General stressed the urgency of forging trust to make communities safer, healthier places for everyone. More[+]...

Tending the grassroots of healthy eating in NYC

Tending the grassroots of healthy eating in NYC

Real change has to come from within, and helping bring better food and food awareness to neighborhoods in need—the goal of New York City LISC’s Communities for Healthy Food initiative—is a fundamentally grassroots endeavor. An article in Next City highlights how neighbors in Brooklyn and the Bronx, with LISC’s support, are working to improve their communities’ diets and health, mitigate food insecurity and strengthen social ties and entrepreneurship, all at the same time. More[+]...