Community Wise

Reena Abraham

LISC charts innovative ways to support great charter schools

By Reena Abraham
Vice President of Education, LISC

For hundreds of thousands of families in low-income communities, the debate over charter schools is largely over. They’re no longer wondering whether independently run public schools belong in their communities. They’re asking if quality charters will be able to expand fast enough to move their kids off of waiting lists and into classrooms. More[+]

Detroit school clears path to opportunity

LISC video profiles a charter school making the grade with Detroit communities

What happens when low-income kids have access to a dynamic school with high expectations for its pupils? A new video provides a glimpse through the eyes of students at D.E.P.S.A., a high-performing charter school in Detroit. D.E.P.S.A. has built a community of engaged learners in the Motor City--from pre-school through high school--and sent every one of its seniors to college last year. “Education is one area we can focus on to make a difference for young people...but also for communities," said Tahirih Ziegler, executive director at LISC's Detroit program. "We’re investing in Detroit’s future leaders.” More[+]...

WSJ eyes impact of charter school investments on kids, communities

North Star Academy

With hundreds of thousands of kids wait-listed for charter schools across the country, school operators are looking for cost-effective ways to build new facilities to respond. And investors are taking notice. LISC's Reena Abraham talked to The Wall Street Journal recently about this growing niche of tax-exempt bonds, as the market gains greater comfort with charter school operators as borrowers. LISC has been studying their performance for years, finding that schools with strong academic track records aren't just assets to families and communities—they tend to be good financial investments as well. More[+]...

Creating successful schools, deep in the heart of Texas

KIPP Houston

A LISC partnership in Houston helps charter schools fill the need for high-quality education in underserved neighborhoods through a smart bond program. More[+]...