Our 2016 Annual Report

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Forging Opportunity

The 2016 Annual Report is here! This round-up of last year's record investments focuses on the critical work of catalyzing economic development all across the country. Read on to see the many ways LISC promotes business and job growth in underinvested areas and helps create opportunities that enable all residents to share more broadly in America's prosperity.

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What is LISC?

The Local Initiatives Support Corporation, known as LISC, is one of the largest organizations in the country supporting projects to revitalize communities. These include more affordable housing, better schools, safer streets, growing businesses and programs improving financial stability. We provide the capital, strategy and know-how to local groups to get this done. As a result, more than five million Americans live in stronger, thriving communities. See our reach as a national nonprofit and see how we work.

$10 million
$100 million
$1 billion
Since 1980
$17.3 billion
total invested
leading to
$52 billion
in total development
When Police Are Problem Solvers

In the third installment of our #SafetyPartners blog series, criminologist Sean Varano describes the value of problem-oriented policing, and what a researcher can bring to the quest for safer neighborhoods. [...]

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