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A Small Business with Expansive Vision

8.26.2016 - - After acing a LISC Boston entrepreneurship program two years ago, Dr. Lesa Dennis-Mahamed opened a business she'd dreamed about–and that her neighborhood needed. Gallery Eye Care, already a beloved community institution, has brought optometry, low-cost eyeglasses and an art exhibition space to low-i [...]

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What is LISC?

The Local Initiatives Support Corporation, known as LISC, is one of the largest organizations in the country supporting projects to revitalize communities. These include more affordable housing, better schools, safer streets, growing businesses and programs improving financial stability. We provide the capital, strategy and know-how to local groups to get this done. As a result, more than five million Americans live in stronger, thriving communities. See our reach as a national nonprofit and see how we work.

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Pokémon Go, Placemaking, and Active Community Engagement

Could the search for pikachu expose the wonders of community to neighbors who might normally take it for granted? Noble Ingram, of LISC Boston, argues that the popular Pokemon Go app could actually be an ambassador for community development, encouraging neighbors to engage more closely with the world around them.[...]

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