Community Wise

Terry Benelli

Props for mass transit in the Valley of the Sun

By Terry Benelli
Executive Director, LISC Phoenix

When people think of Phoenix, more often than not it’s the city’s wide open spaces, our mountain peaks and desert landscapes. This big space beauty and lifestyle make the Phoenix Metro area one of the greatest places to live. What people may not consider when choosing Phoenix as a destination, whether relocating or vacationing, is how the Valley of the Sun is developing. As we grow, we'll need to do it smartly... More[+]

Breaking the chain of poverty

Bob Rubin's TEDx: For the health of our country, we must fight poverty

Poverty eats away at our country's well-being and financial health, and combatting it is a social, moral and economic imperative, said former Secretary of the U.S. Treasury and LISC board chair Bob Rubin in a recent TEDx talk. Rubin touted LISC's work revitalizing distressed neighborhoods and called on his audience to take action on behalf of community-led development efforts and programs—like the Earned Income Tax Credit—that sever the roots of poverty. More[+]...

The unstable state of American housing

The unstable state of American housing

Low rates of ownership, rising rents and housing distress in many minority and impoverished neighborhoods: that’s the upshot of the new State of the Nation’s Housing 2015, an in-depth report from the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies that shows how the much-touted, post-recession rebound is not all that. LISC’s director of housing, Celia Smoot, discussed these issues, and the importance of ensuring long-term affordability for low-income residents, on a video roundtable with NPR’s Jim Zarroli and a panel of housing experts. More[+]...

The "a-ha" moment: Seeing how better communities make for better health


Helping revitalize neighborhoods through a holistic approach is LISC’s stock-in-trade. But we have come to see, in increments, how community development and health go hand in hand. In a video conference for the Build Healthy Places Network, LISC’s national program director for community health, Amy Gillman, describes her own “a-ha” moment when she began to apprehend how housing, education and income determine our well-being and longevity. More[+]...