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Malik Brown

One student's view on real neighborhood change

By Malik Brown
LISC Intern

I was raised in two very different worlds. One world was my home in the Fordham/Kingsbridge section of the Bronx, which is a predominantly Hispanic, low-income neighborhood. The other world opened to me over the course of my 13 years at the Dalton School... More[+]

Vicente's Tropical Grocery

Vicente's Tropical Grocery - Brockton, MA

Anatomy of a deal

A visionary collaboration between a grocery store and a clinic in Brockton, MA, aiming to tackle chronic health problems in a low-income community, marks its grand opening this week. The technical backstory—how complex private and public funding came together to make it all happen—might not take center stage at the celebration. But an article in the Novogradac Journal of Tax Credits details, in plain English, the financial architecture involved in bringing Vincente’s Tropical Grocery to the project and to a neighborhood that has long been a food desert. More[+]...

LISC wins $11MM from SIF to build basic job skills

LISC wins $11MM from SIF to build basic job skills

A growing job market is a boon to families and communities—unless you don't have the basic math and reading skills to take advantage of it. The federal Social Innovation Fund is helping address that educational gap with a new $11.3 million grant to LISC for Bridges to Career Opportunities, a program that helps people lay the groundwork for earnings growth by addressing some fundamental challenges around basic literacy. It's part of the broad work of LISC's Financial Opportunity Centers to help low-income families stabilize their financial outlook and build for the future. More[+]...

If we want pre-K for all, we need to build pre-K for all

If we want pre-K for all, we need to build pre-K for all

Ample evidence has proven what good early childhood education can do for a population's intellectual, emotional and economic well-being. But to provide high quality, age-appropriate educational opportunities for all our youngest learners, we need to put our money where our mouths are, argues LISC's Amy Gillman in an op-ed for The Hechinger Report. Gillman makes the case for a serious national commitment to funding and building pre-k facilities that have the best interests of our children—and our future—in mind. More[+]...