Community Wise

Seung Kim

Improving economic mobility, one family at a time

By Seung Kim
Director, Family Income & Wealth Building

The national conversation about economic inequality paints a pretty dire picture. And, given that I have spent many years focused on the challenges of the working poor, you might think my outlook is equally bleak. But it’s not. I’ve had the opportunity to see first-hand how families can turn the corner. They boost their cash flow, despite years of struggle. They improve their credit scores... More[+]

New LISC study: Employment and financial services help low-income people make progress

LISC researchers recently analyzed outcomes from 40,000 people who visited Financial Opportunity Centers all across the country as a way to improve their economic circumstances. The data show that those who took advantage of bundled services that focused on employment, income supports and financial management skills made significant, lasting progress—with incomes expanding by an encouraging 76 percent. More[+]...

LISC, Caterpillar join forces in Phoenix

LISC, Caterpillar join forces in Phoenix

The Caterpillar Foundation is working with LISC Phoenix on a $1 million investment to lift low-income communities throughout the metro area. They are kicking off the effort this week by announcing the region's first Financial Opportunity Center, which will open in an affordable housing development near the light rail expansion in Mesa. Nearly two-thirds of residents along the rail corridor earn less than 50 percent of the area median income. More[+]...

A welcoming space for vets at risk

Veterans Community Resource and Referral Center

Architects have long known that the aesthetics of our surroundings have a profound effect on quality of life. Community developers are in on the secret, too. Such was the goal in transforming a dilapidated 1925 building in central Milwaukee, with LISC’s help, into a comfy, light-flooded resource center for vets at risk of homelessness, according to a Journal Sentinel article. More[+]...