Community Wise

Michael Rubinger

Don't abandon impoverished places. Invest in them.

By Michael Rubinger
President & CEO

"Change of Address Offers a Pathway Out of Poverty” (NY Times' The Upshot, front page, May 4) features important new data demonstrating that “place” matters a great deal to a child’s economic prospects. It is not the people but the conditions they live in that are at the root of most poverty. More than 45 million Americans live below the poverty line. As a practical matter, they cannot all move to higher income... More[+]

Indianapolis LISC leads a 21st century Industrial Revolution

Like many Midwestern cities, Indianapolis is pocked with abandoned industrial sites too big to reuse or demolish. But through grants and other support, LISC is helping Indy entrepreneurs turn decaying hulks into hubs of commerce and innovation, according to an article by Sam Dolgin-Gardner in Rooflines. The refurbished buildings now anchor lively corridors where once there was only blight. More[+]...

LISC, Caterpillar join forces in Phoenix

LISC, Caterpillar join forces in Phoenix

The Caterpillar Foundation is working with LISC Phoenix on a $1 million investment to lift low-income communities throughout the metro area. They are kicking off the effort this week by announcing the region's first Financial Opportunity Center, which will open in an affordable housing development near the light rail expansion in Mesa. Nearly two-thirds of residents along the rail corridor earn less than 50 percent of the area median income. More[+]...

New LISC study: Employment and financial services help low-income people make progress

FOC quarterly report

LISC researchers recently analyzed outcomes from 40,000 people who visited Financial Opportunity Centers all across the country as a way to improve their economic circumstances. The data show that those who took advantage of bundled services that focused on employment, income supports and financial management skills made significant, lasting progress—with incomes expanding by an encouraging 76 percent. More[+]...