About Us

LISC Leadership

Maurice A. Jones
President & CEO

Michael Hearne
Executive Vice President & CFO

Michael Levine
Executive Vice President & General Counsel

Denise Scott
Executive Vice President for Programs

Elise Balboni
Senior Vice President, Lending

Geraldine Baum
Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Kevin Boes
Senior Vice President, LISC
President, New Markets Support Company

Joseph Hagan
Senior Vice President, LISC
President & CEO, National Equity Fund, Inc.

Matt Josephs
Senior Vice President, Policy

Lily Lim
Senior Vice President & Controller

Beth Marcus
Senior Vice President, Corporate &Foundation Relations

Christina Travers
Vice President & Treasurer

Anna Alekseyeva
Vice President, Strategy and Innovation

Suzanne Anarde
Vice President, Rural LISC

Donna Giannone
Vice President, Human Resources

Morgan Harper
Vice President, Knowledge Management & Strategy

Celayne Hill
Vice President & Deputy General Counsel

Joe Horiye
Program Vice President

Mike Humberstone
Vice President, Information Technology

Patrick Maher
Vice President & Deputy General Counsel

Richard Manson
Program Vice President

Connie Max
Vice President & Chief Credit Officer

Chris Plummer
Program Vice President

Julia Ryan
Vice President, Health and Safety

Bill Taft
Program Vice President

Michael Tang
Vice President, Communications

Chuck Vliek
Program Vice President