About Us

LISC Leadership

Maurice A. Jones
President & CEO

Michael Hearne
Executive Vice President & CFO

Michael Levine
Executive Vice President & General Counsel

Denise Scott
Executive Vice President for Programs

Elise Balboni
Senior Vice President, Lending

Geraldine Baum
Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications

Kevin Boes
Senior Vice President, LISC
President, New Markets Support Company

Joe DiFilippi
Senior Vice President & CIO

Joseph Hagan
Senior Vice President, LISC
President & CEO, National Equity Fund, Inc.

Kevin Jordan
Senior Vice President, National Programs

Matt Josephs
Senior Vice President, Policy

Lily Lim
Senior Vice President & Controller

Beth Marcus
Senior Vice President, Corporate & Foundation Relations

Anna Alekseyeva
Vice President, Strategy and Innovation

Suzanne Anarde
Vice President, Rural LISC

Donna Giannone
Vice President, Human Resources

Morgan Harper
Vice President, Knowledge Management & Strategy

Celayne Hill
Vice President & Deputy General Counsel

Joe Horiye
Program Vice President

Mike Humberstone
Vice President, Information Technology

Patrick Maher
Vice President & Deputy General Counsel

Richard Manson
Program Vice President

Connie Max
Vice President & Chief Credit Officer

Oramenta Newsome
Program Vice President

Chris Plummer
Program Vice President

Julia Ryan
Vice President, Health and Safety

Bill Taft
Program Vice President

Michael Tang
Vice President, Communications

Christina Travers
Vice President & Treasurer

Chuck Vliek
Program Vice President