4.20.2018 -

“Zombie” and Vacant Properties Remediation and Prevention

This paper provides a brief overview of the Initiative, including its history, challenges, and emerging best practices. The paper ends with suggested next steps in the continued effort to address zombie and empty residential properties in New York State.

4.17.2018 -

Guide to Green & Healthy Multi-Family Affordable Housing

Families thrive when they live in affordable, high quality and healthy housing. LISC created a green and healthy framework to integrate cost effective healthy and green practices into existing affordable housing rehabilitation and property management.

4.16.2018 -

Creative Placemaking 101 for Community Developers

Creative placemaking has been getting a lot of attention lately. Community developers may be wondering what’s this thing all about? Is it the latest funding trend? Should you jump on the bandwagon and integrate artists into your initiatives? Does that mural project in your neighborhood count? We break it all down.

4.16.2018 -

Infusing equity into the World Happiness Report

The 2018 World Happiness Report is out. This time, the report contains practical solutions for governments and cities interested in boosting wellbeing.

Read the full report here  
4.16.2018 -

Not Just Child’s Play

Kids can’t thrive without places to play. LISC and the NFL have been making those places possible for 20 years.