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We believe in rural America.

What is Rural LISC?

In 1995, the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), a community development support organization working in metropolitan areas across the country, launched Rural LISC, a national program created to expand LISC's reach beyond urban areas to include rural communities. Today, Rural LISC partners with 86 rural community-based organizations, including five financial intermediaries, helping them identify challenges and opportunities, and delivering the most appropriate support to meet local needs. Together we are working to transform communities in more than 2,100 counties across 45 states.

Recognizing that rural communities' needs are not focused on agriculture alone, Rural LISC provides a wide range of services, including training, technical assistance, information and financial support, to help rural community developers address the problems rural communities face.  We use our Comprehensive Community Development Strategy to support our Partners in expanding investment in housing and real estate, increasing family income and wealth, stimulating economic development, improving access to quality education, and growing healthy environments and lifestyles.

Our News & Stories

10.15.2019 -

Study to look into feasibility of substance abuse rehab facility in Williamsburg

The office of USDA Rural Development announced last week that they are looking into the possibility of building a substance abuse rehabilitation facility in Williamsburg. “It is with great pleasure that I share with you another excellent USDA Rural Development Technical Assistance and Training Grant,” said Hilda Legg, State Director USDA Rural Development in a press release. ... The Technical Assistant and Training Grant made to Kentucky Highland investment Corporation federal funding is in the amount of 150,000 with a match from Kentucky Highlands in the amount of $30,000. With a total project of $180,000.

From National LISC:
10.15.2019 -

Changing Health by Changing the Community

In an op-ed for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, LISC CEO Maurice A. Jones and Howard Kern, president and CEO of Sentara Healthcare, describe how their new $100 million will take aim at the social determinants of health in Virginia. Investing in housing, job training and placement, education and transportation, among other requisites of a healthy life, are key to closing the life expectancy gap and creating a strong economy, they argue. Now is the time for corporations, nonprofits and charitable organizations to play leadership roles in making those investments a reality.