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Opportunity Zones

If you've come to this page, you know that Opportunity Zones promise to drive billions—even trillions—of dollars in long-term investment into under-resourced urban and rural Census tracts across the country. This unprecedented program, part of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, offers a federal tax incentive on capital gains to investors who are committed to social impact and want to make a difference in communities.

But it's going to take the right kind of management, oversight and partnerships to ensure that projects in Opportunity Zones truly achieve that double bottom line: fueling local economies in targeted neighborhoods and benefiting the people who live and work there--and at the same time providing a strong return to investors. Like every new opportunity, this one is not without its challenges.

And that's where we come in.

For 40 years, LISC has been leading investment and working hands-on in many of the places now designated Opportunity Zones. We know the complex ins and outs of bringing stakeholders together, of easing the passage for capital into challenging markets, and of assembling projects that change lives and make neighborhoods better places to live, do business, visit and raise families. And we'll be harnessing the full force of our tax credit expertise through our affiliates National Equity Fund and New Markets Support Company.

Since 2008, we have invested
$2.3 billion
in areas designated Opportunity Zones

Read on to learn more about what makes us an expert partner in making Opportunity Zones investments successful for everyone.

Opportunity Zones 101

Not sure what Opportunity Zones are? We've compiled frequently asked questions related to OZ design, timeline and potential impact.

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Why Work with Us?

  • We have 40 years of experience and flourishing partnerships in Opportunity Zone markets across the country. In fact, 924 Opportunity Zones are in LISC's footprint, where we've done some 861 investments.
  • We're a national leader in utilizing federal tax incentive programs, with two affiliates specializing in the Low Income Housing Tax Credits and the New Market Tax Credits. 
  • Our financial strength is proven: LISC has a 'AA' rating from S&P.
  • We are leaders in social impact investing. In fact, we've been doing it for four decades, in all 50 States in both urban areas and hundreds of rural counties.
  • We have unique financing expertise and know how to put together complex capital stacks to get tough deals done.
  • This is what we do: The Opportunity Zones incentive dovetails perfectly with our vision for business investment and infrastructure development.

What's Happening in the Zones Now?

The U.S. Treasury Department has designated 8,762 Census tracks as Opportunity Zones across the country. (To find OZs in your area, click here). Treasury is still hammering out regulations for the tax program, but in the meantime, we are actively raising investor capital, identifying projects and supporting our partners in the communities where we work to harness this new program for the good of residents and local economies. Sign up for our newsletter for regular updates.

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George Ashton, Managing Director of Strategic Investments