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We envision a future characterized by equity, which we define as “just and fair inclusion into a society in which all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential.”* 

This includes access to the systems and services that support financial stability, quality housing, good health, living-wage jobs, safe neighborhoods, education, and a healthy environment; opportunity to advance in all these areas; and access to structures of power and the ability to participate in the making of decisions that impact residents and their neighborhoods.

We consider equity along a variety of axes, including gender, race, ethnicity, age, language, country of origin, and zip code.


LISC Boston works to increase equity across Massachusetts, helping people gain the opportunities and skills they need to succeed, and improving the health, safety, and prosperity of the places they work, play, and live. Together with residents and community-based organizations, we work to ensure that everyone has the chance to live in vibrant communities of choice and possibility.

*Thanks to PolicyLink for this definition of equity.