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SchoolBuild: From Idea to Construction

SchoolBuild supports the charter school community, school leaders and operations staff in addressing a major challenge to the sector’s growth – facilities issues. SchoolBuild is the first research portal of its kind to provide guidance about the facilities process from start to finish. Sign up for our monthly newsletter for the latest SchoolBuild news and updates. Share your feedback on SchoolBuild here.

Explore the resources and steps below.

Step 1| Understanding Your Needs
How to get started on your facility project
Start Here. Whether you are a start-up school or an operating school, the how-to guides in this section are essential to completing your facility project. Depending on the type of school and your role, you will need different information.
Step 2| Essential Resources
What resources and tools do you need?
Are you being asked for a cash flow projection? How about construction cost estimates? Find downloadable templates and spreadsheets here.
Step 3| Project Cost Calculator
Are you financially ready?
Here you can estimate your project’s cost and what your school can afford to pay for it.
Step 4| Funding Options
What financing sources are available?
Pick your state. View both the federal and state facility financing programs available by geography. Browse a directory of real estate developers, bond underwriters, financial consultants, nonprofit lenders, and commercial banks by state or by type.

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