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Economic Development

Perhaps nothing is more critical to creating an equitable city than inclusive economic development. With an understanding that there are no quick fixes, LISC focuses resources on increasing jobs and developing intentional economic development strategies that connect human capital to existing or new assets.

Lifting up these historic Chicago neighborhoods, rather than displacing and replacing, underlies all of our work.

Through economic development planning, each community in which we work prepares and connects residents to living wage jobs near their homes and in the broader regional economy. These plans also address impediments to neighborhood investment – particularly the challenges of workforce preparation and neighborhood safety which too often dissuade potential businesses. In addition to planning and attracting investment, LISC strives to ensure that community residents have the skills and resources to secure employment, manage their financial resources and build their own local businesses.

Equitable development is an approach to creating healthy, vibrant, inclusive communities of opportunity. Equitable outcomes come about when smart, intentional strategies are put in place to ensure that everyone can participate in and benefit from decisions that shape their neighborhoods and regions.