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Why invest with us?

Because we're committed to communities.

Opportunity Zones have the potential to direct vast amounts of capital to communities, but there are risks and challenges in ensuring that they do so in a way that benefits residents. LISC is in the Opportunity Zone space because we want to help shape the conversation and direct OZ resources so that communities truly benefit.

Together with our affiliates, we boast a substantial pipeline of projects in the Opportunity Zones that are ready and waiting for investment. We have designed an Impact Framework to help ensure development is in line with community desires and needs.

Our experience and partnerships are extensive. LISC is a veteran of fund management—we currently oversee funds totaling $460 million. We also have extensive experience with capital financing for large-scale development projects, including affordable housing and economic development projects. 

In fact, LISC has supported more than 700 projects in places now designated as Opportunity Zones, ranging from affordable housing to retail, manufacturing and commercial buildings to community facilities. 



What we offer

  • Investment Offerings
    We are assembling both regional and national OZ funds, and will be offering those funds for investment to accredited investors.         
  • Fundraising
    If you have already established a fund and need assistance in raising equity, we can assist in raising general LP equity and in many cases may find more competitive, impact-focused LP capital for your fund.
  • Fund Structuring & Asset Management
    LISC and its affiliates have structured and deployed dozens of funds over the past 40 years. We hold a AA S&P rating from Standard & Poor's as a fiduciary partner and will bring institutional level services to your fund and asset management needs.
  • Impact Fund Partner
    LISC has developed its own Impact Framework for rating investments for community impact. We can be a partner to your fund to ensure your LPs feel comfortable that the fund will reflect the appropriate input from a community impact-focused manager. 
  • Community Relationships
    LISC's long-established programs and grant offerings can provide necessary services to be coupled with real estate or business investments in the Opportunity Zones.

For more information on these products and services, contact our Opportunity Zones team

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