LISC 2009 Annual Report

Robert E. Rubin (Chair)

Former Secretary of the U.S. Treasury

Council on Foreign Relations
New York, N.Y.

Gregory Belinfanti

One Equity Partners
New York, N.Y.

Kelly Caffarelli

The Home Depot Foundation
Atlanta, Ga.

Phyllis R. Caldwell*

Former President
Washington Area Women’s Foundation
Washington, D.C.

Lisa Cashin

New York, N.Y.

Barbara Cowden

Executive Vice President
State Farm
Bloomington, Ill.

Larry H. Dale

National Equity Fund, Inc.
Denver, Colo.

William M. Daley*

Vice Chairman & Chairman of the Midwest Region
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co.
Chicago, Ill.

John G. Finneran, Jr.

General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
Capital One Financial Corporation
McLean, Va.

Pamela P. Flaherty

President & CEO
Citi Foundation
New York, N.Y.

Lisa Glover

Senior VP & Director of Community Affairs
U.S. Bank
Milwaukee, Wis.

Colvin W. Grannum

Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Antonia Hernández

President & CEO
California Community Foundation
Los Angeles, Calif.

Kevin Johnson

City of Sacramento
Sacramento, Calif.

Linda K. Knight

Executive Vice President & Treasurer
Fannie Mae
Washington, D.C.

Lynette Lee

Executive Director (retired)
East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation
Oakland, Calif.

Philip D. Murphy*

Murphy Endeavors, LLC
Red Bank, N.J.

Thomas Nides

Chief Operating & Administrative Officer
Morgan Stanley
New York, N.Y.

Ronald Phillips

Coastal Enterprises, Inc.
Wiscasset, Maine

Andrew Plepler

Global Corporate Social Responsibility Executive
Bank of America
Charlotte, N.C.

Rey Ramsey

President & CEO
Washington, D.C.

Don Randel

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
New York, N.Y.

Rip Rapson

President & CEO
The Kresge Foundation
Troy, Mich.

Michael Rubinger

President & CEO
Local Initiatives Support Corporation
New York, N.Y.

George H. Walker

Chairman & CEO
Neuberger Investment Management
New York, N.Y.

Seth H. Waugh

Chief Executive Officer
Deutsche Bank Americas
New York, N.Y.

Bernard Winograd

Executive Vice President & COO
U.S. Businesses
Prudential Financial, Inc.
Newark, N.J.

*term ended in 2009