LISC Phoenix, Native American Connections and Phoenix Indian Center are working together to renovate the band building at the Phoenix Indian School with the support of The Caterpillar Foundation.

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LISC Phoenix is using transit and Transit Oriented Development as a platform for community development in the valley.  The strategic initiative, Our Future is on the Line, launched in 2013 responds to the potential for sustainable and equitable development created by the light rail system in our region.  It emphasizes the urgency and need to provide development alternatives that can reduce transportation costs, improve air quality, promote healthy living, increase our economic competitiveness and build livable communities. 

Partnership announced with the Caterpillar Foundation and LISC Phoenix

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Bridging economic inequality

April 24th, 2014

Phoenix is caught in an economic chasm. On one side, the metro area is robust and diverse, bouncing back from the foreclosure crisis to attract new businesses and residents.  On the other, it suffers from one of the highest big-city poverty rates in the country, leaving tens of thousands of people struggling to pay the rent, put gas in the car and feed their children.  read more

Michele Sullivan is president of The Caterpillar Foundation. Terry Benelli is executive director of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation’s Phoenix program. The two organizations are working with A New Leaf to open a new Financial Opportunity Center in Mesa.


New LISC study: Employment and financial services help low-income people make progress

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After decades of investing in blighted communities across the country, LISC knows that healthy neighborhoods rest as much on whether residents can earn a decent wage and build financial security as they do on good housing, strong schools and vibrant businesses.

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