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COVID-19, Students and the Digital Divide

Two weeks ago, area school districts across the Kansas City metro announced they would be closed until at least April 24th as a response to the growing concern of COVID-19. The digital divide for students, families, and their teachers was real before the Coronavirus pandemic – according to a Pew Research Center study, 33% of school-aged children nationally lack Internet access at home.  Locally, that number climbs to as high as 70% of children in the Kansas City Public Schools. These current school closures greatly exacerbate the digital inequity already present in communities across our region and country.  

LISC Greater Kansas City quickly responded by providing a grant to Connecting For Good. They are one of our region’s leading organizations whose sole mission is digital inclusion. Connecting For Good has been bridging the digital divide since 2012 by providing connectivity, hardware and training and delivering impact through a focus on education, employment, economic impact and the environment.  

LISC Greater Kansas City is proud to support the work of Connecting For Good, with an intentional focus on addressing the inequities in digital access in our region.
— Geoff Jolley, Executive Director of LISC Greater Kansas City

“By working alongside dedicated partners, such as the KC Coalition for Digital Inclusion, KC Digital Drive, Google Fiber, Urban League of Greater Kansas City, the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, Verizon Wireless, the Kansas City Public Library, and so many others in our region, we can begin to address broader issues of income inequality by focusing on contributing factors, such as disparities in digital inclusion.” 

LISC Greater Kansas City’s grant has helped Connecting For Good provide:  

Without a computer or Wi-Fi access, many students will not be able to participate in their virtual learning during this time.  They will not have access to their online programs and assignments, their teachers or their peers. The consequences of this educational gap is devastating. You can help to narrow the digital divide for these students and invest in their futures by supporting Connecting For Good with donations of old computers and equipment, or thru a financial contribution.  Please join LISC Greater Kansas City in helping to build a more inclusive and resilient community of opportunity. 

Click here to learn more or donate to Connecting For Good. 


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