2.10.2020 -

Community Development Leadership: Early Visionaries Inspire Tomorrow’s Success

In this webinar, Dee and Bob draw on interviews with 12 diverse long-time leaders in community development and identify a number of common themes for what inspired and drove them.

5.14.2019 -

Essential Practices for an Effective Board of Directors

Nonprofit boards serve a critical purpose: to determine their organizations' mission and guide them in achieving it effectively and efficiently. In a rapidly changing environment, each board member and officer plays a key leadership role, and must manage a wide variety of critical issues — both long-term and urgent in nature. The objective of this training is to give you knowledge and tools that can expand your ability to lead your organization and ensure its continued strength.

8.02.2018 -

Training Tomorrow's Leaders: Building the next generation of community development leadership

Leadership development programs can help bridge gaps in industry knowledge, build and mature the capacity of staff, and prepare the next generation of diverse leaders.

8.01.2018 -

Reflections on Leadership Development from a Community Development Practitioner

The LISC Institute asked Community Development practitioner Zoraima Diaz-Pineda to reflect on the current state of leadership development within the field.

How Communities Work Together

Using the tool of social network analysis, this report by MDRC offers preliminary insights into the conditions for more successful collective action by examining the distribution of power among local actors, the ties between more distant organizations and a core of activity, and the depth of community partnerships.