1.06.2020 -

Disaster Recovery and Resilience Manual for Puerto Rico and Island Communities

This guide from Enterprise Community Partners offers practical guidance for the construction of housing that can withstand the impacts of future disasters, including strategies to make buildings themselves stronger and less vulnerable to storms’ impacts, as well as retrofits to improve habitability when homes lose power for extended periods.

1.06.2020 -

Letter from the Editor: Supporting Returning Citizens

In this Spotlight on Supporting Returning Citizens, we’ve highlighted resources to help Community Development practitioners understand the critical needs of returning citizens, as well as some strategies already underway to support them.

12.30.2019 -

Q&A with Erie County and the University at Buffalo’s Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access (IDEA)

The Institute spoke with Brittany Perez, Director of Engagement and Outreach at the Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access (IDEA) and Marie Cannon, Commissioner of Social Services about their work creating an inclusive, age-friendly community in Buffalo, NY Erie County.

12.05.2019 -

CHAM: Pursuing Stronger Tenancy for Stronger Properties

This CHAM webinar highlights the work of three organizations on the forefront of a new and expanded commitment to resident services.


Letter from the Editor: Aging in Place

By 2030 the elder population is projected to outnumber children. Along with this demographic shift is a growing inequality within the country’s aging populationin achieving housing stability and financial security.