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Financial Stability

We know that healthy, sustainable communities are made up of people who have living wage jobs and feel confident about their economic futures. To get there, residents need the skills to advance along the path of employment and manage their money well. That’s why LISC invests in helping people tackle all the facets of financial life—earning a steady pay check, budgeting, building good credit and saving for education and retirement. 

LISC’s financial stability programs connect low- to moderate- income families with the financial and labor market mainstream. We offer employment and career services, financial coaching and education and low-cost financial products that build credit, savings and assets. 

Reviewing a budget at Instituto de Progreso Latino FOC in Chicago
Reviewing a budget at Instituto de Progreso Latino FOC in Chicago

Our financial stability initiatives include a national network of 100 Financial Opportunity Centers; occupational skills training and Bridges to Career Opportunities programs; and credit-building products like Twin Accounts.

LISC is also committed to helping our colleagues in the field of financial stability. We offer advocacy and technical assistance to organizations across the country and we facilitate annual grants from the federal Social Innovation Fund for community groups to get their own Financial Opportunity Centers up and running.

FOC Resources

An online resource center for practioners working to bring financial stability to clients in need.

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Making Work Pay

Former LISC CEO Michael Rubinger has a chapter in a new book, What It's Worth, exploring the relationship between financial stability support services, job retention and improved net income.

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Seung Kim, Vice President