1.06.2020 -

Letter from the Editor: Supporting Returning Citizens

In this Spotlight on Supporting Returning Citizens, we’ve highlighted resources to help Community Development practitioners understand the critical needs of returning citizens, as well as some strategies already underway to support them.

2.01.2019 -

Expanding Education Opportunities in Prison

Learn how lifting the Pell Grant ban for incarcerated person can provide more wide-ranging economic and social benefits, creating a pipeline of people who will be better qualified for jobs after release and reducing recidivism and its associated costs.

11.05.2018 -

The National Reentry Resource Center

The National Reentry Resource Center from the Council of State Governments collects a variety of resources that can help returning citizens as well as the people and organizations working to support them.

5.24.2016 -

Building Crime Reduction Programs That Stand the Test of Time

In communities that have struggled with high crime for many years, local leaders know that there is no “silver bullet” solution to their challenges. Participants in the Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation (BCJI) program, administered by the Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), come to the program for answers about what will work to reduce crime and spur revitalization in their neighborhoods.

2.06.2014 -

Community Safety: Evaluating

A community group’s comprehensive approach to stopping crime makes a difference in West Philadelphia. They know because they’ve measured the impact.