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Healthy Communities

LISC’s approach to improving health in underserved places is holistic: we promote affordable, green housing, safety, good education, job opportunities and financial stability—all of which factor into the health and wellbeing of a community. But we also target our work to shore up three fundamental resources every neighborhood needs to keep residents well: easy access to pri­mary health care, affordable, nutritious food and safe places to exercise.

Cross-sector Collaboration

We founded the Arizona Partnership for Healthy Communities alongside Vitalyst Health Foundation and the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco to dramatically transform Arizona’s communities by creating multi-sector collaborations. This unique approach to healthy communities is to bring the private sector to the table to ensure that banks, health insurers, and health care providers are active partners alongside the government and nonprofit sectors.

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Sports & Recreation

Our collaborations with the NFL Foundation “Grassroots” program and ESPN’s Home Court program, part of our sports and recreation initiatives, help schools and community organizations build or rehab football fields and renovate basketball courts.

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Health Impact Assessments

Our Health Impact Assessment (HIA) planning tool provides insights and advice about improving health through community design. When used during a planning process, HIAs can evaluate potential health effects and make recommendations to improve health or minimize adverse outcomes before a project is built or a policy is implemented.

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Frieda Pollack, Program Officer