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COVID-19 Resources for Charter Schools

As the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to unfold, across the United States charter schools, students, teachers and staff have found themselves facing unprecedented challenges never been seen before. These challenges have led schools to temporarily leave their facilities to begin to practice social distancing and transition into remote learning for the forseeable future. In response to this crisis, the LISC Charter School Financing Team research and compiled resources from across the nation that we found helpful for charter schools, school leaders, students and teachers. Make sure to take a look at the resources below. 

For easy navigation use our Table of Contents below:

Federal Funding, Grants and Loans

Government Policy and Federal Legislation

Guidance and Considerations for Charter Schools

Meal Site Locations

Online Resources for Students

Webinar Recordings

Federal Funding, Grants and Loans

SBA 7 (A) Paycheck Protection Program, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

Economic Injury Disaster Loan Emergency Advance, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

FY2020 Application Window Extended, Federal Communications Commission

COVID-19 Relief Funds Accepting Loan Applications or Making Grants, Illinois Facilities Fund

Extension of the Application Deadline Date: Applications for New Awards: Expanding Opportunity Through Quality Charter Schools Program (CSP) Grants to State Entities (CSP State Entities), Federal Register

Seattle COVID-19 Response Fund, Seattle Foundation

Public Assistance Eligiblity Checklist, Arkansas Public Resource

Government Policy and Federal Legislation

What Charters School Need to Know: Federal COVID-19 Response Legislation and Charter Schools, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act: Provisions of Particular Interest to the Charter School Community, Penn Hill Group 

Readout of the U.S. Department of Education's COVID-19 Conference Call with K-12 Stakeholders, U.S Department of Education

Federal Education Policy Responses to COVID-19, National Charter School Authorizers 

State Education Policy Responses to COVID-19, National Charter School Authorizers

Impact of COVID-19 Assesssments and Acountability under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, U.S Department of Education

State Board of Education Waivers for Local Education Agencies, Georgia Department of Education

Early Learning and Workforce Education: Re-Opening Florida's Economy, Florida Department of Education

Guidance and Considerations for Charter Schools

Approaches to Instruction During the School Closure, Charter School Growth Fund

A Roadmap for Education Leaders to Respond to COVID-19, Opportunity Labs, LLC

Charter School Governance and The Coronavirus Pandemic: Key Questions Boards Must Address, BoardOnTrack

Countering COVID-19 Stigma and Racism: Tips for Parents and Caregivers, National Alliance of School Psychologist

COVID-19 YMC's Legal Guidance for Charter School Leaders, Young, Minney & Corr, LLP

COVID-19 Resources to Help you Navigate School Closures, KIPP

COVID-19 Specfiic Considerations for Open Enrollment Charter Schools, Texas Department of Education

Free Resource: Create a Plan for Extended Remote Learning, SchoolWorks

Maitaining Lottery Integrity in Times of Crisis, National Charter School Authorizers 

Minnesota Distance Teaching and Learning Implementation Guidance, Minnesota Department of Education

Serving Student Meals during the COVID-19: A Guide for Administrators, Indiana Department of Education

Meal Site Locations

School Meal Sites, Arizona Deparment of Education

Here are the Alabama Schools Offering Meals to Students, Alabama Coalition of Public Charter Schools 

Emergency Feeding, Colorado Department of Education

Meal Sites in Washington D.C, Goverment of the District of Columbia 

Meal Sites in Delaware, Delaware Department of Education

School District Meal Locations, Georgia Department of Education

School Meal Sites During COVID-19, Louisiana Department of Education

Meal Sites in Maryland, Maryland Department of Education

Food Assistance for Michigan Children Families, and Individuals, Michigan Department of Education

Meals for Kids in North Carolina During the COVID-19 School Closures, No Kid Hungry in North Carolina

Ohio Meal Distribution Sites, Ohio Department of Education

List of Meal Sites for Students in Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Tennessee, Texas, and South Carolina, School Meal Finder

Online Resources for Students

Continuity of Learning Website, New York Department of Education

Free Online Resources for Schools Shifting Online During Coronavirus Pandemic, Nation School CHoice Week

Parent Quick Start Guide, Khan Academy

Learn How to Code Without a Computer,

Learning from Home Resources, New School Venture Fund

RI Distance Learning Helpline Supporting Educators and Families, Highlander Institute 

Remote Learning Resources for Educators and Students, Michigan Charter Schools Association

Webinar Recordings

Avoiding Claims - COVID-19 Risk Management Issues, CharterSAFE

A New Way Forward: Building A Learner-Centered Future, BLUUM

COVID-19 Support, Colorado League of Charter Schools

COVID-19 Webinars, Calfornia Department of Education

COVID-19 Podcast Episodes, Oklahoma Department of Education

Charter Schools Serving Students Experiencing Homelessness during the COVID-19 Crisis, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools  

CCSSO Webinar on the CARES Act: Fiscal Waivers and Implications for Existing ESEA Funds, New Hampshire Deaprtment of Education

Financial Health Webinars, Non Profit Finance Fund

IDOE's "COVID-19 Weekly Webinar for School Leaders", Indiana Deapartment of Education

Renegotiating Leases in the Time of COVID-19, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

Role of Governing Boards During the a Crsis Webinar, Charter School Development Center

Strategies for Districts to Support Self Care for Educators During the COVID-19 Pandemic, BLUUM

Supporting Exceptional Students Through Student Centered Learning Strategies, BLUUM

School Improvement Webinar, Florida Department of Education

What Charter Schools Need To Know: Federal COVID-19 Response Legislation and Charter Schools, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools