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1.10.2020 - ,

Service That Leads to a Career

After graduating from college with a Bachelors of Arts and Science in Anthropology and Human Biology and Society, Diana Alfaro was still not sure what she wanted to do or where she wanted to work. She had served as an intern at Iris Cantor Women's Health and Research Center, a public health clinic, and it sparked an interest in pursuing a degree in public health. She heard about AmeriCorps through one of her mentors who encouraged her to apply to the LISC AmeriCorps program in Los Angeles. After doing some research on the program and the experience she would be gaining, she decided to apply. Read more...

1.10.2020 - , ,

Changemakers LA: How Landlords and Community Members Can Keep Folks Housed

On this Changemakers LA episode, we discuss how landlords and community members can mitigate displacement and keep residents housed. We are proud to have Social Justice Learning Institute and Mercy Housing join us to discuss what they’ve done to support residents stay in their homes.

1.10.2020 - ,

Helping Women Build Financial Resilience

When Margarita began meeting with her financial and career coaches, she had recently left her husband of 20 years and found herself financially, on her own, with two daughters. While her ex-husband did assist the family with some finances, it was not enough to cover all the family’s needs. Read more...

12.06.2019 - ,

Keeping Mom & Pop On the Block: Tools for Business Preservation

Funds, crowdfunding and DPOs are creative financing solutions that legacy businesses can utilize in the face of gentrification. Owner of With Love Market, Andrew McDowell, stated, “in order to preserve socially significant businesses in changing and/or under-resourced neighborhoods, communities must become organized and creative with crowd investment and funding. This will be imperative for business owners’ financial viability amidst the inevitable social challenges.”

12.06.2019 - ,

The Annenberg Foundation Supports Homelessness Prevention

How do you prevent homelessness? You invest in people by providing them the tools they need to obtain a living wage job and to achieve financial stability. The Annenberg Foundation knows that social problems are growing more complex and, as a result, require new, innovative approaches through collective action by a cross-section of stakeholders, rather than isolated efforts by single organizations. That is why Annenberg is in support of the LISC LA's study proven Financial Opportunity Center (FOC) model that involves a network of organizations working together to help put people on the path to financial stability.

11.22.2019 - ,

ICYMI - Claiming Our Space: The Role of Creative Placemaking in Preservation

We explore how communities of color can use creative placemaking as a means to anchor their presence, honor their history, and provide opportunities for economic development.

11.07.2019 - ,

“If Not Us, Then Who”: Securing Affordability Through Community Ownership

Community-ownership of business, land, and home is an important preservation strategy for at-risk communities. As one panelist at the "Preserving Cultural Neighborhood Gems: A Series of Case Studies” convening noted, “until you own it, you do not control it.” Without direct control, gentrifying neighborhoods across the U.S. are losing the ability to hold onto their community and its assets. But community-ownership is not just a preservation strategy, it is also an equitable wealth-building strategy.


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The Local Initiatives Support Corporation is one of the largest organizations in the country supporting projects to revitalize low-income communities. This comprehensive approach includes more affordable housing, better schools, safer streets, growing businesses and programs improving financial stability.

LA LISC brings together key local partners, community leaders, and decision-makers to take on pressing challenges, incubate innovative solutions, and develop smarter public policies. Our organization leverages its extensive toolkit of loans, grants, equity investments, and local expertise to enact meaningful change for Los Angeles' moderate - and low-income communities of color.