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LISC LA, the County and City of Los Angeles to Activate New Region-Wide Small Business Relief Fund Amidst COVID-19

LISC LA Provides Affordable Housing Solutions to Local Governments Amidst COVID-19

LISC is Responding to COVID-19

LISC LA Provides Small Business Solutions to Local Governments Amidst COVID-19

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7.08.2020 - ,

Building Healthy Communities by Empowering Entrepreneurs

Through the Kiva Accelerator Fund, LISC LA is ramping up funding for local food businesses in order to preserve food access options in low-income communities of color during “Safer at Home.”

7.02.2020 - ,

Increasing Resiliency and Growth for Small Businesses in a Tough Economy

As part of our continued efforts towards increasing resiliency and growth for small businesses in a tough economy, we launched our Keeping Shops on the Block Program this April. For those of you following our work, you may have already heard of the program, which has helped small businesses like Deysi’s learn about their options, gain access to funding resources, and plan new business models within the digital environment.

6.25.2020 - ,

Resetting Expectations: Community Building and Policing

LISC LA works predominantly with the underserved communities that are most at risk of police violence, and we feel deeply for our partners, clients, and Angeleno community that have been hurt by recent events and ongoing injustices. That is why we do the work we do, to unravel and work to cure the systemic injustices that have been perpetuated over hundreds of years.

6.24.2020 - , ,

Changemakers LA: The Future of Housing in an Unprecedented Time

On this Changemakers LA episode, we discuss the future of housing in this unprecedented time. We are proud to have Paul Beesemyer, Bill Huang, Rebecca Louie, and Audrey Peterson join us to discuss the effects of the current pandemic on affordable housing.

6.19.2020 - ,

Supporting Our Neighbors: Small Business Relief Grants Help Business Owners Through Tough Times

To help our neighbors in need, LISC LA and our partners are stepping up to provide resources and support. In the past months, our office has provided 42 small businesses with government-funded PPP loans, shared our partners’ efforts in guiding owners on business adaptation, and most recently partnered with funders like Verizon and Sam’s Club to provide small businesses the necessary funds to fill the gaps.

6.09.2020 - ,

Long Beach Anchors Local Businesses Against Silver Tsunami and COVID-19 Crisis

A tsunami is coming to the Long Beach business community and its impact on long-time businesses and thousands of their workers threatens job security, households’ economic stability, the business community’s diversity, and city revenues.


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The Local Initiatives Support Corporation is one of the largest organizations in the country supporting projects to revitalize low-income communities. This comprehensive approach includes more affordable housing, better schools, safer streets, growing businesses and programs improving financial stability.

LA LISC brings together key local partners, community leaders, and decision-makers to take on pressing challenges, incubate innovative solutions, and develop smarter public policies. Our organization leverages its extensive toolkit of loans, grants, equity investments, and local expertise to enact meaningful change for Los Angeles' moderate - and low-income communities of color.