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3.10.2020 - ,

Women in Construction Week: Celebration of Epic Women

For many years, industries like construction, engineering, architecture, and demolition were reserved only for men. But now, more and more women are breaking the barriers and pursuing successful careers in these male-dominated fields. This is evident through celebrations like Women In Construction Week every first week of March and programs like DemoChicks.

3.10.2020 - ,

How South LA Is Increasing Economic Opportunity Through Inclusive, Place-Based Solutions

This winter, The New York Times released an in-depth portrayal of homelessness in Los Angeles. Rather than pointing to housing shortages or escalating costs of living as the primary culprits, the authors offered a more comprehensive diagnosis: Interconnected legacies of racism, disinvestment, and displacement—all rooted in place—are to blame. Read on.

3.02.2020 - ,

Partner Highlight: Kounkuey Design Initiative’s North Hills Lot Opening

We appreciated the opportunity to attend the grand opening celebration of Kounkuey Design Initiative's first lot in their Adopt-A-Lot pilot program.

2.24.2020 - ,

Elevating Equity Through Small Business Preservation

Converting well-established businesses to employee ownership is an innovative and effective way of retaining businesses, jobs, and wealth in local communities. In service to our mission to promote equity and economic inclusion in underserved neighborhoods across the County, LISC LA in partnership with Project Equity is currently piloting a unique small business preservation program in Long Beach focused on employee ownership.

2.21.2020 - ,

Biggest Class of Affordable Housing Grads Expand Skills Toward Solutions

The largest class ever of affordable housing developers graduated from LISC’s Advanced Housing Development Training Institute in October, and will now be ready to implement HDTI’s invaluable start-to-finish roadmap for building and preserving affordable housing in California where a crisis-level demand doggedly outstrips supply.

2.21.2020 - , ,

Changemakers LA: Rethinking Housing Development

On this Changemakers LA episode, we discuss a couple of innovative housing solutions. We are proud to have Brilliant Corners and Genesis LA join us to discuss what they’re doing to make housing development faster and less expensive.

2.14.2020 - , ,

Apply to Become an AmeriCorps Host Site for LISC LA's Housing Initiative Program!

LISC LA's Housing Initiative Program (LA-HIP) was created to build the capacity of our local affordable housing field by investing in the next generation of practitioners, advocates, and leaders. LISC LA implements LA-HIP as an AmeriCorps summer opportunity to introduce emerging and experienced leaders to the field of community development while providing our local partner organizations a talent pipeline to accomplish key programmatic goals.


About Us

The Local Initiatives Support Corporation is one of the largest organizations in the country supporting projects to revitalize low-income communities. This comprehensive approach includes more affordable housing, better schools, safer streets, growing businesses and programs improving financial stability.

LA LISC brings together key local partners, community leaders, and decision-makers to take on pressing challenges, incubate innovative solutions, and develop smarter public policies. Our organization leverages its extensive toolkit of loans, grants, equity investments, and local expertise to enact meaningful change for Los Angeles' moderate - and low-income communities of color.