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From National LISC:

An Accurate Census Count is Imperative for America. Here’s Why.

Matt Josephs, LISC SVP and head of the organization’s policy team, makes the urgent case for why a fair and accurate census count is so important for the health and wellbeing of our communities. Anything short of that undermines equity and thwarts our democratic process. Every one of us, he writes, has a role ...

Cultivating Talent and Pooling Resources to House LA Residents That Are Experiencing Homelessness

Through the generous support of funders like the California Community Foundation (CCF), LISC LA is able to do just that. Funding from CCF allows us to focus not only on immediate deliverables in the housing field, but on the cultivation of new talent which will ensure those deliverables continue far into the future. CCF’s ...

Los Angeles' Ongoing Housing Emergency

California and Los Angeles have been in a state of emergency for a long time. This pandemic has highlighted disparities, but the issues of unemployment, affordable housing, and homelessness were never new to the state.