9.10.2018 -

Webinar: NYC Inclusive Creative Economy Fund

Watch this recording of a recent webinar about the NYC Inclusive Creative Economy Fund, which provides accredited investors with the opportunity to invest in New York City’s affordable, inclusive creative workspaces, fostering 21st Century quality jobs for low- and moderate-income New Yorkers.

Deep Roots Wide World

A case study of the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts, in a Richmond, CA building refurbished with LISC investment, uncovers multifaceted returns for the surrounding community: young people are reaping the benefits of arts instruction imbued with the values of mutual respect and social justice. And the renovated center, coupled with expanded cultural programming and public improvements nearby, has laid the groundwork for commercial renewal along an adjacent corridor.

Vacancy to Vitality in Pittsburgh’s East End

An arts-led strategy to enliven the Penn Avenue corridor in Pittsburgh's East End has catalyzed an incremental and organic change. Artists, arts-organizations and new businesses, including a range of nonprofits, have taken up residence, signaling the emergence of a vital and economically diverse district.

We Are, All of Us Together, Beginning a Good Life

In Duluth, MN, the Gimaajii Mino-Bimaadizimin Native American cultural center has proved to be a powerfully transformative institution. From providing housing to formerly homeless families to a mosaic of cultural, social and educational offerings, the center, in a refurbished Y, fosters refuge and belonging, and bridges cultures within its walls and beyond.

LISC Report: Museums, Libraries Play Role in Community Revival

What can cultural institutions do to help drive community revival? In a new report, LISC and the Institute of Museum and Libraries Service highlight the many ways museums and libraries are collaborating with community developers and other public sector partners to help address the needs of economically-distressed areas.